StreamPittsburghFaviconStream Pittsburgh is the City’s number one resource center for live streaming videos.  It is also a site dedicated to promoting local arts, music, sports and entertainment through live streaming and on-demand services.  Our goal is to provide a tool that local artists and organizations can use to promote their events or works of art.
The streaming video world is unique in many ways.  There is no censorship or geographic limitations.  Audiences can be across the street or across the globe.  Your video can reach the viewers of any computer, tablet, mobile device or smart tv through many platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Livestream.  Global audiences were previously unattainable due to technological and financial constraints are now reachable at the touch of a button.  Stream Pittsburgh embraces this technology and strives to document local arts and entertainment to file into the archives of the internet.  This also opens up a unique way for advertisers and sponsors to advertise their brand while supporting local artists and organizations.